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Our Services
Kaitani Labs is an independent laboratory that provides testing services to formulators and manufacturers of cosmetics and other personal care products. Each year, Kaitani Labs tests hundreds of products for shelf life, freeze-thaw stability, photostability, and preservative effectiveness.

Cosmetic product testing services include :

  • Bacterial Aerobic Plate Counts
  • Fungal Aerobic Plate Counts
  • Preservative Challenge Testing
  • Stability and Shelf Life Testing
  • Non-Animal Safety/Toxicity testing
  • Custom Testing

Kaitani Labs, with the help of our partners, offers non-animal, in vitro, product safety testing that is equivalent to the standard animal methods to give manufacturers of cosmetics peace of mind, knowing that their products are safe for use.

  • Dermal Irritation Testing
  • Ocular Irritation Testing
  • Dermal Sensitization Testing
  • Dermal and Ocular Corrosion Testing